Our goal is to combine the ancient art of kinbaku / shibari , modern day fetish wet dreams and the futuristic art of digital fine art photography. This is a journey of two artists with a common vision on an exploration into the world of Japanese rope bondage with a twist.  We are presently working on a series of publications including but not limited to this website & gallery, a coffee table book & a limited edition pillow book.  You will see within our site both female & male models.  The art of kinbaku is an art form not limited by sexual preference. Rope is the paint, the body the canvas and the camera is the medium of presentation. Enjoy!


About the photographer, John Gillan


John Gillan's thirty year photographic career has included extensive travel throughout the United States, Caribbean Islands and Europe. Gillan's fine art images have been exhibited in galleries and museums internationally and are part of many private collections.

Secret Space was Gillan's first erotic / fetish documentation done with a "pinhole" camera and people. The combination was challenging, impressive and alluring. The second book is well underway utilizing digital technology. This combined with Gillan's sense of sensual lighting brings a new dimension to his work.

When not creating images for books and photographic art exhibitions, Gillan enjoys an exciting career in advertising photography.

As an observer of the lifestyle, I am motivated by the exchange of energy between the players and the visual stimulus they evoke. As a photographer, I am compelled to capture this energy and raw communication.

Secret Space was my first glimpse into the lifestyle. My curiosity and desire to learn more took me to such venues as Europerve, Rubber Ball and many private events around the world.

The collaboration, Digital Kinbaku, has allowed me to experience and present another view into the lifestyle and particularly......bondage.

This photographic presentation of my journey is one way of saying thank you to those who enjoy the lifestyle and to all who have participated and allowed me to capture their private moments and fantasies.


About the rope artist, Lochai

Lochai has been in the public rope art scene for about 8 years (privately, 'bout 30) He has given workshops on many aspects of consensual power exchange and rope bondage in particular for many organizations including but not limited to TES in NY, PEP in Philadelphia, LINKs in Northampton Mass. Black Rose in Washington D.C. and is the Vice President of S.P.I.C.E in Fort Lauderdale Fl. He is also a moderator for the Adult Rope ARt list, an E-mail list discussion group dedicated to sharing ideas & techniques of Japanese rope bondage.

His rope work, erotica, photography and essays have been published or shown in Prometheus Magazine, Skin II, Equus Eroticus and The Body Archive in NYC.

Over the last few years he has become a student of kinbaku, the art of Japanese rope. He uses as his tools rope, bamboo, a human canvas and his imagination to show the world his inner erotic vision.

About our Models

We strive to give our viewers & fine art collectors superior images with depth and emotion. The majority of our models, both male & female, are in the fetish/bdsm scene and do not play to the camera, they look inward during the scene / shoot & reveal their souls while bound for the camera to capture. Would you like to join our project as a model?

All of our Playground models have come to us thru Abusementpark Entertainment. They have also donated studio space to us at all of their Playground/Fetishbox parties.  So... if you are in need of models for film, video or live dance performance, they are the ones to check out.

About kinbaku

Have you ever wondered where the art of Japanes rope bondage comes from?  When did it change from mortal torture to sensual torture?   Read about this sensual aspect of BDSM.



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