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Welcome to our Public Galleries. All of the images here are available for purchase in various sizes. All prints will be on archival paper suitable for framing. SO... click on a shoot, browse & enjoy! Be sure to check out the gift shop to see what we are offering for sale. On occasion we will be auctioning off one of a kind items seen here.

This is just a small sample of what is available in the Private Member's Gallaries. When you join the Private Gallery you will be able to view the entire shoot, see all of the prep work that went into the shoot & you will be able to purchase our fine art prints at a Member's only discount.

The images in these galleries were created with a love of bondage by all participants. The m-jos or rope models go into a subspace as the shoot progresses, the nawashi or rope artist treats his work as an art form and the photographer, well who wouldn't fly from these beautiful bound bodies?

Public galleries

Dec / 8 / 02

Caught in a Web - Margaret

Margaret has been caught in a web of hemp. I sort of resorted to my childhood & she got caught up & loved every minute of it.

48 fine art images

Dec / 8 / 02

Red Dress - Tattoi

Tattoi in a very sexy red dress adorned with wrist & ankle bands. Tattoi was bound & let free to explore her range of freedom (or lack thereof). Take a look at her exploration.

43 fine art images

Nov / 25 / 02

Tattoi Tenshi in a very stressful Split T suspension. Tattoi loves to show off her flexability. You have to check this out!

34 fine art images in Private Galleries

Nov / 25 / 02

Margaret has a heavy latex/mask fetish & and wanted to be tied up in hers.

36 fine art images in Private Galleries

Nov / 18 / 02

Margaret was so comfortable being tied with Tattoi that she fell asleep!

32 fine art images in Private Galleries

Nov / 18 / 02

Do't you just love plaid skirts & white blouses? Tattoi does!

24 fine art images in Private Galleries

Nov / 11 / 02

First time in hemp rope. Linda proves to be a beautiful, sexy rope m-jo.

33 fine art images in Private Galleries

Nov / 04 / 02

Our first shoot & Tattoi goes all out with single ankle suspension.

56 fine art imagesi n Private Galleries

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